World Economic Forum Launches “AI for HR Toolkit” for HR Professionals

By Ani Huang posted 12-10-2021 13:13


In cooperation with a task force of AI and HR experts including HR Policy Association, the World Economic Forum released this week its new toolkit on “human-centered AI for HR” for HR professionals.

Aims of Toolkit:  The new framework aims to equip HR professionals with a basic understanding of how AI works in the context of HR, guide companies on the responsible and ethical use of AI, and help companies use AI-based HR tools effectively.  

The toolkit includes two useful checklists: one for assessing new AI tools before making the critical decision to implement them in a company and one for strategic planning regarding how to responsibly use AI in general.

Practical Guide:  “As large companies innovate with a growing variety of technological tools related to talent and people strategy, questions abound as to how to ensure that technology is used responsibly and effectively. The Human-Centred AI for HR Toolkit is a practical guide to the responsible use of AI in HR that we hope will assist HR professionals to properly assess AI tools, improve diversity and inclusion outcomes, and support ethical AI practices for their organizations,” said HR Policy’s Ani Huang in the WEF’s press release.

Bottom Line:  The toolkit is a useful and sorely needed resource for any HR professional who is engaged in the assessment, implementation and integration of machine learning tools in the employment context. If you are interested in further details regarding the toolkit, contact Ani Huang at

Separately, HR Policy member companies launch Algorithmic Bias Safeguards for Workforce:  A company initiative involving several HR Policy member companies, the Data & Trust Alliance has created a set of safeguards around evaluating algorithmic HR tools from vendors, assessing vendor responses to the evaluation, qualitatively comparing vendors, and integrating the Safeguards into an organization’s systems.  You can read an overview of the initiative here.  

Meanwhile, New York City implemented a new AI hiring bias law.  The NYC law prohibits employers in the city from using automated employment decision tools to screen job candidates unless the technology has been subject to a “bias audit” conducted by an independent third party no more than a year before the tool is used.  The law goes into effect January, 2, 2023.  You can read more about the measure in our previous reporting here.