HR Policy Online Upgraded with New User Interface, Site Enhancements

By Henry Eickelberg posted 08-16-2021 14:29


HR Policy Online, the Association’s member-only online community relaunched this week with an all-new user interface and several helpful site enhancements.  Since it was introduced in June of 2020, thousands of HR Policy members have shared ideas with their peers. 

Available to all HR Policy members, HR Policy Online is a forum where members can post questions and responses to other member inquiries.  The community site is exclusive to HR Policy members and nothing posted can be viewed publicly.  Recent topics of discussion include:

Key Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of HR Policy Online:  Below are some easy tips you can use to get the most out of the online community!

  1. Daily Digest Email:  Every day at 10AM eastern time, a “Daily Digest” email is sent to all HR Policy members which contains all the new posts and responses from the day before.

  2. Follow Threads:  At the top of every discussion post is a button which will allow you to “Follow” a discussion – this will send you notification emails for any new posts.

  3. Unanswered Threads:  When you login and return to the homepage, you will see a list of threads that have not gotten a response yet – this is a great way to get engaged and help a fellow HR Policy member! 

  4. Post Yourself:   Have a question or great idea?  Post it! 

Do you have a question you would like to post on HR Policy Online?  Would you like to browse the discussions?  To do so, simply log in with your HR Policy credentials at