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A Word on the Research Process in Academic Essays

Without the proper information or evidence, you will write a lanky essay at best. You write your essay to inform the reader about ideas and convince them over arguments, and without proper research into the subject, you will fail to do either due to the lack of material to back your arguments and ideas. 

For an advanced essay, the essay writing service gathers information as part of his/her research from various sources. These sources can be both scholarly sources or academic ones. While researching for information it is important to read critically into the subject and the material, so that you evaluate the information and see if it fits with other and existing information and evidence.

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The purpose of reading and researching

When you plan to research a subject, you shouldn’t read into the related material from start to finish without any goal. You should establish the purpose of your reading before taking on the subject. Your purpose should vary according to your existing material and the understanding of the subject. There are three purposes for reading when you are researching a subject: to extract information, to deepen the understanding, and to analyze it. :

Understand the subject

Before you begin to move on to other parts of your research it is important for you to grasp the subject and have a proper understanding of it. When you are trying to grasp the subject matter, you shouldn’t dive into dense text and research papers, as at this stage of the research process you are not trying to gather evidence and information. 

Going through a specialized encyclopedia entry on your topic will help you understand the subject as well as give you a structural overview of the information present. E.g if your topic is in the field of philosophy, then you can search for the topic in the Stanford University’s Encyclopedia for philosophy. If you search write my essay for me on google it will lead you to professional writers.

Gather Information

Once you have an understanding of the subject, you can move to more specific information that will help you with your ideas and arguments. While gathering the information you look for outcomes of observations, experiments, surveys, etc, and the information they produce such as stats and other data. This information will be a part of your evidence that will go on to support and complement your ideas. 

Analyze the material

In this part of the research, you will read into secondary sources of information. These include other essays, articles, books, and papers. These secondary sources, like yourself, provide analysis and interpretation of the primary source or the main subject. These sources discuss various theories, ideas, strengths, and shortfalling of the subject matter; they critically evaluate the information and provide their own analysis. The cheapest essay writing service is available online for students.

You too are expected to use these various analyses and read them critically, by questioning them, comparing them, and making new connections. Your existing knowledge of the subject and the level of understanding will help you immensely in evaluating the subject matter.

Read Critically

When you read into a text critically, you question each aspect for its validity and accuracy. Instead of agreeing to the suggestions or the ideas you are supposed to ask the important questions of ‘why’ and ’how’. By reading it critically you can make sure you come up with strong ideas and arguments. If is very important while writing essays.

Nothing should pass your eye that you don’t question; Starting from the claims, going on to the evidence, and finally the analysis, everything should be questioned for their purpose, credibility, and relationship to other points. So, you will end up with information, evidence, and analysis that is valid and foolproof. 


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