Survey Highlights Tensions Surrounding Remote Work

By Daniel Chasen posted 10-07-2022 15:16


GoodHire’s 2022 remote survey, conducted August 25–27, highlighted ongoing shifts and rifts in the workforce, with several findings contrasting notably with results from the 2021 survey. 

Nearly three-quarters of U.S. workers say companies should pay in-office workers more than remote workers. 

Meanwhile, 68% were concerned their manager would view full-time office workers as high performers and full-time remote workers as lazier.

Flipping the script? 44% of surveyed workers noted they prefer working from home—a 24% decrease from the 2021 survey.

Yet 33% stated they would either quit or start applying for a new job immediately if remote options were not available. However, that number is down from 45% in 2021. 

Four days in beats five days out: 54% of 2022 survey-takers said that they would prefer a four-day workweek that required them to be in the office over a fully remote five-day workweek.

Outlook: The survey results are the latest in an ongoing stream of data showing that worker preferences are quickly evolving as we shift into a post-pandemic environment during economic uncertainty.